Having a beautiful website for your business is as easy as

Choosing a theme

Choosing Your Domain

Uploading Your Profile

We customize your website according to your business profile in no time at all for a small monthly fee of R200 and a setup fee of R1,000 once off if you choose the standard website on our entry host.

Alternatively, you can do your own customization, in which case you only pay the R200 monthly

Aside from the standard features, we can develop your website in any way possible

Standard Features

  • Free .co.za domain
  • Secure socket layer certificate
  • Hacker proof security
  • Customer testimonials
  • 2Gb of hosting space
  • Image Gallery
  • Product/Services Portfolio
  • From 75 email addresses
  • Responsive to mobile devices
  • Standard Contact Form

Begin by choosing your theme below

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Service Offering

Our system is not just a website platform but an advanced, intricate and dynamic mechanism that can be modeled and shaped in just about anyway conceivable. As such, we decided to be creative and inventive by offering a variety of packages to choose from, each featuring additional features and functionality than the previous, designed to offer maximum business performance.

Standard Package


This package is the most ideal starter pack, allowing you to have a beautiful and functional website for your business or organisation at ridiculously low rates. It feature the following

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Services Portfolio
  • Image Gallery
  • Standard Contact Form
  • Responsive Design
  • Free .CO.ZA Domain
  • Free SSL Certificate

Connect Package

From R400/Month (R3,500 Setup Fee)

The connect package is the most ideal way of marketing your business as it adds a number of highly useful marketing components right into your website, allowing you to use it as a very robust and measurable marketing tool, it features.

  • Social media dashboard: allowing to link and manage all your social networks from your website e.g. you can schedule automatic posting to social networks
  • Google Analytics: allowing you monitor your site visitors in real time.
  • Email Automation: allowing you to run and manage email marketing campaigns
  • We also include a FREE online marketing course for you or your stuff


From R5,000/Month and R15,000 Setup fee

The premium package is the most advanced business solution as it features all the features of the the previous two package plus it is integrated with BizXpress, our comprehensive and complete business management system.

  • Human Resource Management Module
  • Payroll Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Accounting Module
  • Customer Relationship Management Module
  • Project Management & More

Other way in which your website can be expanded include but in no ways limited to Online Booking, Surveys, Online Sales, Custom Application Forms etc

We build websites that will bring out the joy in you

Avery website that we build is built to be awesome in both looks and function designed to bring the inner most sparkle in you business no matter type of business it is

Frequently Asked Questions

If i want a website with features not listed in the standard features list, how would i pay for that

We do a quotation for you and charge you a development fee based on that quotation. This will also include monthly hosting fees[

How long does the setup process take

Once payment is made, the process takes between three to five days to complete for the standard websites.[

What domain extension can i choose from

We have more than 20 different domain extensions to choose from ranging from .co.za, .com, .net, .biz etc and other newer types like .joburg, .capetown etc. Please that that for the first package only .co.za is free while for other packages all extensions are free

Do you charge for customization

No, we can customize your website in just about anyway you desire without charging a cent extra as long as your customization doesn’t include far to many pages.